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What Zumba teaches me about social media

What Zumba teaches me about social mediaIf you’ve ever attended a Zumba class, you know the energy can be off the charts. With the instructor busting out moves to the high-thumping beats, throwing in a few yells and shouts of encouragement, as the participants pump along, you can feel the vibe in the air. I’ve been active in Zumba since 2010, taking classes in the U.S., Brazil and Switzerland. By far, it has become my favorite form of exercise, and I always look forward to losing myself in the movements of the Latin-inspired dance.

Social media in Zumba

What I’ve learned in my many hours of class is applicable to my practice in social media. Here are the top lessons I’ve learned about social media in Zumba.

1. You don’t have to be a Latin Dance Queen to get in on the action

I said I’ve been dancing for the past three plus years, but did I say I was good at it? No, because as much as I love Zumba, I’m not a great dancer. I’m rhythmically challenged, and my moves more closely resemble a Weird Al Yankovic video than the sensuous steps performed by the instructor. I may not dance like a superstar, but I still get out on that floor and give it everything I’ve got.

Being active on social media is the same concept. You may not have the following of a celebrity or produce snazzy content like a pro, but give it everything you’ve got, and your audience will appreciate the effort.

2. Zumba brings together a smorgasbord of people

Regardless if you’re training as a professional dancer, are a parent working in something fun while the kids are at school, are a business professional fitting in some exercise during your lunch hour, or are an older person trying something new, a Zumba class reaches across the spectrum to bring a diverse group together. Any class can be such a mix, but the students are brought together by the moves and sounds Zumba produces.

A social media platform is very much like a diverse Zumba class. You have your audience members who show up for all different reasons, but your product brings them together for a common purpose. United in one place, you can reach this unique collection with content like nowhere else in your marketing mix.

3. It comes down to enthusiasm

A class is only as good as the energy it creates. I’ve been lucky to have some great Zumba instructors to study under, but I’ve also experienced some lackluster classes. The instructors in these classes danced all the steps correctly, the music was great, but the energy just wasn’t there. What makes Zumba different than any other dance workout is the enthusiasm an instructor creates in the class. If you have an ¬†instructor living it up and dancing like there’s no tomorrow, then Zumba really is like a party instead of a workout.

You can follow a social media strategy to a T, but if you’re not engaging with enthusiasm, you’re letting down your audience. They come to your platforms to solve a problem, but they don’t just want a formula; they also want entertainment. As a universal theme in Zumba classes, having fun is just as important as the calories you burn. Create that Zumba experience in your social media interactions.

You can learn a lot about social media in Zumba. Jumping in, mixing it up, and having fun while you’re doing it make for a great social media lesson. What other activities can teach you something about your business?

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2 Comments to "What Zumba teaches me about social media"

  1. Hey, Monica! As one of your former Zumba instructors who ALSO uses social media with my peeps, I’d like to say you hit the nail on the head!

    All these things are true about Zumba AND all these things are true about using social media too!

    Great way to showcase both concepts.

    Missing you in class…

  2. Stephanie, you were my favorite instructor, and I miss being in your class. Thanks for reading, and I’m happy to hear the validation.

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