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My first podcast: Branding the Authentic You

Personal branding is a hot topic right now, and it’s been around in the form of reputation for years. I joined my favorite personal coach, Stephanie Cirihal, to conduct my first podcast on how to create, maintain and work within your personal brand. Taking six steps, we guide you through the process of Branding the […]

Happy Holidays from Aubia Communications

We’ve learned a lot together in 2013, and I have even more in store for 2014. In the New Year you’ll see: Finally, the distribution of my white paper on strategic communications planning free to all my email subscribers; Release of my first pod cast where I’ll be discussing personal branding with Stephanie Cirihal; Implementation […]

Branding the Authentic You: Establishing your personal brand

In 2013, trust among business leaders and government officials fell to less than one in five participants of Edelman’s Trust Barometer. This year’s Gallup Governance Poll shows an or near all-time low in the American people’s trust in government and media. Dan Edelman, president and CEO of Edelman, refers to the situation as a “crisis […]

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