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Keep learning: 10 tips for maintaining your APR

What seemed like a short time after I earned my Accredited in Public Relations (APR) credential in June 2011, I received a letter from the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) informing me it was time to be re-accreditated. I just went through this process for the second time at the end of last year. The […]

APR Update: PRSA releases steps to improve Accreditation in Public Relations

A mark of distinction. A notch above the rest. A standout in the crowd. These are all phrases used to describe those Accredited in Public Relations. For me personally, undergoing the APR process was the key to moving from a tactician to a strategist. Where is the APR at today? April is National APR Month, […]

Welcome to the gray: Ethics in public relations

In honor of the Public Relations Society of America’s observance of Ethics Month, the Aubia Communications Blog will spend September delving into the topic. I start with this post about what ethics actually is, and then I follow up this discussion with the process in making an ethical decision and a case study comparison into […]

PR vs. Marketing: The differences between a strategic communications and marketing plan

Working in public relations for almost nine years now, I always thought I understood marketing. Two of my college roommates were marketing majors, so we discussed similarities in our classes quite a bit. I worked hand-in-hand with marketing departments in previous positions. When I took my Accredited in Public Relations exam, I had to be […]

Pursuing opportunities: Interview with professional development expert

Professional development is important for many reasons, and as we discuss this career need throughout the month I had a chance to talk with Vincent Rhodes, co-chair of the Professional Development Committee for the Hampton Roads Public Relations Society of America. He provided some great information for public relations professionals seeking to enhance their careers […]

Changes in APR: How the credential is being revamped

Earlier this year, I presented a workshop on obtaining the Accredited in Public Relations credential to potential candidates sponsored by the Hampton Roads Chapter of the the Public Relations Society of America Professional Development Committee. Earning my APR in 2011, this is a topic I’m passionate about for many reasons. So, when it came time […]

How to advance your career in communications

Next month is Accredited in Public Relations Month. Throughout April, the Aubia Communications Blog will focus on professional development. With the assistance of guest blogger Courtney Anderson, I kickoff the month-long focus early with her commentary here on progressing a career in communications. I then start the month with a post about the changes coming […]

Professional development on a dime

Everyone says you need it. You’re expected to do it regularly to stay on top of your, like everything else these days, ever-evolving career field. It can be to benefit the industry; it can be to better yourself; or it can be a combination of both. What is it? I’m talking about the concept of […]

Going for gold and blue: How to pursue your APR

In the month of June, the Aubia Communications Blog will focus on professional development. I’ll start with this post about obtaining your Accreditation in Public Relations, followed by seeking professional development on a budget, and finally wrap it up with what I’ve learned by freelancing for the one-year anniversary of Aubia Communications. Courtney, my friend […]

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