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My first podcast: Branding the Authentic You

My first podcast: Branding the Authentic You

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Personal branding is a hot topic right now, and it’s been around in the form of reputation for years. I joined my favorite personal coach, Stephanie Cirihal, to conduct my first podcast on how to create, maintain and work within your personal brand. Taking six steps, we guide you through the process of Branding the Authentic You:

Step 1: Know Thyself
Step 2: Know Thyself Through Others
Step 3: Co-Creating Your Brand With Your Community
Step 4: Developing Your Brand Online
Step 5: Applying Your Brand in a Job Interview
Step 6: Working as Your Brand

Listen to the personal branding podcast here.


Below is a list of blog posts related to personal branding that I used for reference during the podcast.


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Losing control of your brand? Let’s get excited!

You have one brand – not personal or professional


Your personal brand

So what did you think? Did you agree with the six-step process? Have any question about creating your personal brand? Let me know in the comments.

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