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Thanks for reading the Aubia Communications Blog. I’m honored you want to contribute to this blog that has been a work of love, sweat and tears where we cover topics in public relations, marketing and communications.

I’m always willing to review quality guest blog posts, but there are some standards you need to meet.


1. Call me Monica

If you’re sending me a request via my contact form or email, a sure way of getting tossed is if you don’t address your message to me. No “Dear Aubia Communications” or just “Hi.” It shows me you’ve done the least amount of research on my site required.

2. Be relevant

If you’re pitching me a post, it absolutely has to be of interest to my community. Who is my community? Entrepreneurs, solopreneurs and other communications professionals. Bonus: if you make it relevant to the expat or location-agnostic crowd trying to build businesses overseas, you’re sure to grab my attention.

3. Originality is a must

If you’ve gotten this far, next is a scrutinizing scrub. I  carefully check each blog post submission through Google and Copyscape searches. If I find anything plagiarized, you and your post will be put on my permanent “Do Not Contact” list. Also, I will not publish anything that has been used before across the web.

4. Be careful with links

Links in the content must be to reputable sources of research and are required as part of the content. If you submit anything that looks like spam anchor text, though, you’ll also find yourself on the “Do Not Contact” list.

5. Long enough to cover the topic, short enough to hold attention

Blog posts should be between 400-800 words. Headings need to be used to break up the text, and lists are great. Your own writing style is encouraged, but have a look around the blog for content style. Though you’re not required to be a SEO expert to be a guest blogger here, it helps if you know keywords to rank for and use them appropriately in your content.

6. Sharing is caring

Once your blog post goes live (Thursdays at 7 a.m. EST), you will be required to respond to all comments. If comments go for more than 24 hours without response, you will not be invited to contribute again. Sharing the blog post on your own social media channels is also encouraged and appreciated. The blog post can be used on other sites 30 days after original publication on the Aubia Communications Blog with a sentence that the post was originally posted here with a linkback to the content.

7. Want to up your chances?

I typically only publish guest blog posts from people I know in the real world, people I’ve worked with personally. If you don’t fall into this category but still want to pursue a guest blogger spot on the Aubia Communications Blog, then get to know me. You can find me on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google Plus, YouTube and Pinterest. If you retweet me, like a post, comment here on the blog, or reach out in some other way before just sending me a guest blog post request cold, I’m much more likely to consider you favorably.

8. What do you get?

Every guest blog post is accompanied with the author’s short bio, head shot, one linkback to his/her organization and links to his/her social media platforms. Guest bloggers are in no way monetarily compensated.

9. Did you get all the way to the bottom?

Just to make sure you completely read all of these guidelines, your request must include your favorite travel destination. Just one line of where you most like to visit is sufficient. Without this information, though, you will not get a response from me as it tells me you didn’t read all the way through the posted guidelines.


Thanks for your interest, and please feel free to contact me with any further questions. I hope to talk more with you soon.


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