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Directing the king: How to develop a content strategy

In August, the Aubia Communications Blog will focus on strategic communications, in particular content strategy. I start with this post about how to develop a content strategy for your business, followed by posts on how to create audience profiles and editorial calendars, and I end the month with a look at the differences between a […]

Know your audience: An evolutionary focus on publics

If you’ve been reading this blog for any length of time, you know I’m currently studying for my master’s degree in Communications Management from Syracuse University. Since my course work is closely related to my blog’s focus of Public Relations, I draw many post ideas from there. From time to time, I will post a […]

“It’s not about the grade:” Seeing the bigger (business) picture

Another semester for my Master of Science in Communications Management from Syracuse University has begun, and I can see Times Square while I write this post as this residency is in one of my favorite places, New York City. As I look at those bright lights and see how many people from all over the […]

How to make business New Year’s resolutions and stick to them

In January, the Aubia Communications Blog will focus on beginnings. After this post about getting your business off on the right foot, I’ll discuss re-evaluating your daily business tasks, what moving has taught me about Public Relations, and what to look for when starting a relationship with a PR consultant. Another year has come and […]

5 steps to get started in social media for business

As one of my services is social media strategy and management, I recently advised a client looking to align her use of social media platforms to her business objectives. My client had been involved in blogging and Facebook for some time, but she just needed some guidance on how to create space for her and […]

Map it Out: Planning in Public Relations

“If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” –Benjamin Franklin The second step in the four-part Strategic Communications process is planning. As the quote states above, if you don’t plan out your communications, you won’t succeed in achieving your desired results. You need a course of action that addresses how to approach any Public […]

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