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Happy Holidays from Aubia Communications

Where did 2014 go? When I look back on the year, I can’t believe how it’s flown by. I’m glad I was able to accomplish all my goals for the year, and I’m excited for the big changes coming in 2015, such as: -A new posting schedule; -A complete revamp for the Aubia Communications monthly […]

Call for independence: What the forefathers taught us about writing inspiring content

In July, the Aubia Communications Blog focuses on writing. In this first post, I celebrate the U.S.’ birthday by looking at the core documents that created our country. Then I provide you with a checklist and other resources for press release and blog writing. I wrap up the month with a post on how reading […]

Learning from masterminds: Celebrating Aubia Communications’ 2-Year Anniversary

Did you know in Switzerland it’s typical for the birthday guy or gal to provide the party for their work colleagues or friends? That’s right, if you’re celebrating a birthday or anniversary, you provide the cake, drinks or other goodies. Since I’ve just moved back to Switzerland, I want to follow this custom for Aubia […]

Happy Holidays from Aubia Communications

We’ve learned a lot together in 2013, and I have even more in store for 2014. In the New Year you’ll see: Finally, the distribution of my white paper on strategic communications planning free to all my email subscribers; Release of my first pod cast where I’ll be discussing personal branding with Stephanie Cirihal; Implementation […]

Giving thanks: Providing community service in business

By Monica Miller Rodgers Young men and women filed into the theater in the early morning, chattering and laughing with their friends. Some dressed in jeans and t-shirts, others in khakis and pullovers, and even a handful in their Sunday best. So unlike the typical military uniforms or gray gym shirts and shorts with the […]

Happy Fourth of July: Aubia Communications goes on holiday

As you’re celebrating the 237th birthday of the United States of America today with barbecues, parades, baseball games, ice cream and apple pie, I wanted to take a moment for a brief history lesson. Public relations history dates back to ancient times, but some of America’s first PR practices occurred during the Revolutionary War. Samuel Adams used rhetoric, […]

How to make business New Year’s resolutions and stick to them

In January, the Aubia Communications Blog will focus on beginnings. After this post about getting your business off on the right foot, I’ll discuss re-evaluating your daily business tasks, what moving has taught me about Public Relations, and what to look for when starting a relationship with a PR consultant. Another year has come and […]

Happy Holidays from Aubia Communications

To all my readers, I wish you Happy Holidays and much success in the New Year. I’ll be going on vacation so there will be no post next week, but look Jan. 3, 2013 for tips on creating business resolutions in the New Year. I’m looking forward to seeing you then. photo credit: martymadrid via photopin cc

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