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Unpacking the tips to a successful press trip

This time of year, consumers are not the only ones preparing to pack their bags for a getaway. Within the Travel & Tourism media landscape, editors have set next year’s editorial calendar and the schedules of journalists are starting to fill up. Press trips are a key strategy in the Travel & Tourism PR toolbox. […]

Commuting across continents: An employee multicultural communications program focus group report

In today’s globalized world, communications professionals are increasingly expected to manage relationships with publics “spread across multiple partners, communities and individuals around the globe” (Arthur Page Society, 2007, in Gilpin & Murphy, 2010, p. 72). As this is the case, it has become critical for practitioners to have an understanding of how globalization is affecting […]

The need for employee multicultural communications programs in multinational companies

With the pending completion of my master’s program early next year, I’m sharing my studies and capstone focus in multicultural communications throughout November. I start with this post drawn from my research paper on employee multicultural communications programs, followed by a focus group report on the subject, and finishing with a post of how multinational […]

The highwire balancing act of a working mom

When Monica first asked me to write about the balance of a working mom, my first reaction was, “Balance? What is that?” The more I thought about it, though, I realized my entire life is a balancing act – the kind on a high wire stretched above a three-ring circus where the girl carries a […]

Going global: Social media in other countries

“With its distinctive and unique nature, new media has brought human interaction and society to a highly interconnected and complex level.” According to communications researcher Guo-Ming Chen, the advent of social media has shrunk time and space bringing together societies that were previously separated. With the power of social media driving this age of globalization, […]

Let’s get visual: An infographic about visual content in social media

In September the Spin Sucks blog had a month-long focus on visual content. Everything from using visual content in social media to free tools for creating it was covered. I, of course, drank it up. You see, I’m graphically challenged. I enjoy learning about photography on an amateur basis, but when it comes to design, […]

To catch a thief: The pros and cons of guest blogging

Dear Aubia Communications, I want to write a post for you I know will bring you thousands of new visits. Yadda, yadda, yadda … Hi, I am a writer, and I was wondering if you are taking guest submissions? I find the interesting, and I can write something for your niche. Blah, blah, blah […]

Engagement is an honor: How I’m overcoming my fear of commenting

Throughout October, the Aubia Communications Blog will focus on the social aspect of social media. To kick it off, this first post looks at the benefits of commenting throughout the blogosphere. I then turn to other bloggers about the benefits and pitfalls of hosting guest bloggers, followed by a post on how to be more […]

Becoming an author: A guide to self-publishing with CreateSpace

Congratulations! You’ve just finished your first book. What an accomplishment! So many people talk about writing books, but of those people, few ever start writing a book, let alone finish one. So, you should be extremely proud of yourself. There are a couple of ways to go from here. One method many authors use is […]

From crashing to soaring: A case study in ethics

There is no shortage today of ethical violations in organizations worldwide. Turn on the nightly news, and you’ll see at least one story during the broadcast about a company in crisis from poor ethical decision making. Many times these unethical actions just seem like obvious bonehead moves. Other times, executives come off as cold and […]

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