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Making the grade: The most beneficial college courses for public relations

When I entered college, I was luckier than most. I already knew what career I wanted, and I set myself on a path to earn the degree I needed. I never was “undeclared” or struggled to find what interested me. From my bachelor’s degree to now pursuing my master’s degree, I unwaveringly knew I would [...]

Changes in APR: How the credential is being revamped

Earlier this year, I presented a workshop on obtaining the Accredited in Public Relations credential to potential candidates sponsored by the Hampton Roads Chapter of the the Public Relations Society of America Professional Development Committee. Earning my APR in 2011, this is a topic I’m passionate about for many reasons. So, when it came time [...]

How to advance your career in communications

Next month is Accredited in Public Relations Month. Throughout April, the Aubia Communications Blog will focus on professional development. With the assistance of guest blogger Courtney Anderson, I kickoff the month-long focus early with her commentary here on progressing a career in communications. I then start the month with a post about the changes coming [...]

What The Golden Girls taught me about storytelling

Growing up, my mom, sister and I looked forward to every Saturday evening for a new episode of the iconic show The Golden Girls. With our big bowl of popcorn, we would settle in to forget about everything else for 30 minutes as Blanche, Dorothy, Rose and Sophia gave us belly-deep laughs. The way the [...]

Follow the arc: How to structure your business story

On the first day of most of my residencies for my master’s degree at Syracuse University, my small class of 10 people go around the room introducing ourselves to the professors for that semester. This usually consists of our names, our positions, our companies and what we do in those positions for those companies. In [...]

Storytelling in business: What it really is

In the month of March, the Aubia Communications Blog will focus on storytelling as part of a business’ communications strategy. First, I explain what storytelling is and isn’t in this post, followed by how to structure a business story, and finally I have some fun looking at some of my favorite iconic storytellers. Once upon [...]

3 rules to find your own creative communications

Creativity in the world of communications is something that may bring to mind one of two thoughts. The first, well, yes, obviously one must be ‘creative’ when working in this field. The second, creative communications, how is this possible? You’re not making a work of art, are you? That’s a good question. I think we [...]

Review of “Social Media Measurement: A Step-By-Step Approach” by Angela Jeffrey, APR

This post is a paper I wrote for my Public Relations Measurement & Evaluation course at Syracuse University in the summer of 2013. This review is of Angela Jeffrey’s, APR, article “Social Media Measurement: A Step-By-Step Approach” published by the Institute for Public Relations. . “The majority of public relations practitioners (and marketers) have no real idea of [...]

Proving the worth: How to make a public relations measurement and evaluation plan

Last summer sitting in my master’s classes at Syracuse University, I had two major epiphanies. The first was how much psychology plays in public relations, and the second was how flexible making a public relations measurement and evaluation plan can be. For me, this was uncomfortable. I came into my Measurement and Evaluation in Public [...]

The AVE is dead: 3 ways measurement and evaluation in public relations are changing

In February, the Aubia Communications Blog will explore the new industry focus of measurement and evaluation in public relations. I start with trends in the area, followed by a post on how you can develop a M&E plan, and I’ll close out with a review of a journal article on M&E in social media.  “These [...]

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