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From crashing to soaring: A case study in ethics

There is no shortage today of ethical violations in organizations worldwide. Turn on the nightly news, and you’ll see at least one story during the broadcast about a company in crisis from poor ethical decision making. Many times these unethical actions just seem like obvious bonehead moves. Other times, executives come off as cold and [...]

Doing what’s right: How to make an ethical decision

“Go off the record with me on this, and I can make sure we consider your next event for some positive coverage.” Tempting words coming from a major regional media outlet. If I gave up some information that was being held by regulation, I wouldn’t be identified, I was almost guaranteed to receive favorable coverage [...]

Welcome to the gray: Ethics in public relations

In honor of the Public Relations Society of America’s observance of Ethics Month, the Aubia Communications Blog will spend September delving into the topic. I start with this post about what ethics actually is, and then I follow up this discussion with the process in making an ethical decision and a case study comparison into [...]

PR vs. Marketing: The differences between a strategic communications and marketing plan

Working in public relations for almost nine years now, I always thought I understood marketing. Two of my college roommates were marketing majors, so we discussed similarities in our classes quite a bit. I worked hand-in-hand with marketing departments in previous positions. When I took my Accredited in Public Relations exam, I had to be [...]

Stay on track: How to create an editorial calendar

My first encounter with editorial calendars was when I was an intern at Edelman. My job was to compile and categorize the editorial calendars for each possible publication the account team could pitch a client to for coverage. The editorial calendar for a monthly magazine like Where was found in the media kit and had [...]

Nice to meet you: How to create an audience profile

Much like the Cheshire Cat told Alice in Lewis Carroll’s classic, if you don’t know where you want to go then it doesn’t matter which way you go, if you don’t know who you are targeting then it doesn’t matter what content you produce. Content developed with no strategy and no target audience in mind [...]

Directing the king: How to develop a content strategy

In August, the Aubia Communications Blog will focus on strategic communications, in particular content strategy. I start with this post about how to develop a content strategy for your business, followed by posts on how to create audience profiles and editorial calendars, and I end the month with a look at the differences between a [...]

Diversity communications: Writing for a diverse community

Half African-American. One-quarter English. One-quarter French. As a public affairs professional, I could be the poster boy for diversity communications. Personal reasons aside, though, diverse groups add to a community’s collective resource and knowledge base. You can find various definitions for diversity related to ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, etc. But, what about looking beyond that? [...]

Bookworm benefits: How reading makes you a better writer

  Hi. I’m Monica, and I’m a bookworm. On a train, on a plane, in a waiting room, in a line – wherever you might spot me, I’m typically glued to a book in actual form or on my tablet. Sometimes with highlighters marking away furiously, sometimes just kicked back for a leisure afternoon of [...]

Just blog it: A blog post checklist

I have a love-hate relationship with blogging. There are many times I dread the idea of sitting down to my laptop to bang out yet another post (sometimes facing the dismal thought that no one is going to read it). Other times, something creates an inspiration so intense that I just can’t wait to open [...]

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