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Meet Jane: What is a brand?

Is a brand a logo? A tagline? An icon? If you said yes, you’re correct – but you’re wrong. What makes up a brand? A logo, a tagline, an icon – these are all elements that make up a brand, yet, they aren’t the brand alone. Lamb, Hair and McDaniel’s MKTG have no fewer than […]

APR Update: PRSA releases steps to improve Accreditation in Public Relations

A mark of distinction. A notch above the rest. A standout in the crowd. These are all phrases used to describe those Accredited in Public Relations. For me personally, undergoing the APR process was the key to moving from a tactician to a strategist. Where is the APR at today? April is National APR Month, […]

Business Without Borders: A presentation on the global, social evolution of entrepreneurship

I’m done! I’m finished! That is, I just graduated with my Master’s of Communications Management from Syracuse University. After a challenging two-and-a-half years, I can finally claim my own little blue bag. How is entrepreneurship evolving? Before I could get to this point, though, I had to complete a final capstone. After several studies in […]

Globally & Locally: A global content marketing presentation

I recently finished Pam Didner’s Global Content Marketing, and I highly recommend this excellent step-by-step guide to creating your own global content marketing strategy. Didner provides clear instructions on how to accomplish this complex task using actual examples from many top corporations from around the world. With her experience and knowledge, this book is like […]

Happy Holidays from Aubia Communications

Where did 2014 go? When I look back on the year, I can’t believe how it’s flown by. I’m glad I was able to accomplish all my goals for the year, and I’m excited for the big changes coming in 2015, such as: -A new posting schedule; -A complete revamp for the Aubia Communications monthly […]

Öffentlichkeitsarbeit: Public Relations/Integrated Marketing Communications in Germany

The strongest economic country in the European Union, Germany is well known for its efficiency and attention to detail. As a European leader, Deutschland’s marketing and communications industry is well advanced. Living next door in the German section of Switzerland for the past six months, I’ve had the chance to observe, visit and participate in […]

Security Across Seas: A review of American and Swiss copyright laws

“Only one thing is impossible for God: To find any sense in any copyright law on the planet.” –Mark Twain For companies working on the international scene, it is imperative they understand the similarities and differences in copyright laws between countries to effectively and legally conduct their business. Understanding American and Swiss copyright law is […]

Unpacking the tips to a successful press trip

This time of year, consumers are not the only ones preparing to pack their bags for a getaway. Within the Travel & Tourism media landscape, editors have set next year’s editorial calendar and the schedules of journalists are starting to fill up. Press trips are a key strategy in the Travel & Tourism PR toolbox. […]

Commuting across continents: An employee multicultural communications program focus group report

In today’s globalized world, communications professionals are increasingly expected to manage relationships with publics “spread across multiple partners, communities and individuals around the globe” (Arthur Page Society, 2007, in Gilpin & Murphy, 2010, p. 72). As this is the case, it has become critical for practitioners to have an understanding of how globalization is affecting […]

The need for employee multicultural communications programs in multinational companies

With the pending completion of my master’s program early next year, I’m sharing my studies and capstone focus in multicultural communications throughout November. I start with this post drawn from my research paper on employee multicultural communications programs and follow it up with a focus group report on the subject.. Expatriates working internationally for a […]

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