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Join the Blue: How to recruit effectively

One function that every organization performs is recruiting. It ensures that there are always quality people that can be brought into the fold. Upon hearing the word recruit, some people think of the military. I certainly did. I spoke to my local recruiter, and he made sure I met the standards that were required to […]

And action: The differences of screenwriting and journalism

I have been an U.S. Army Soldier for nearly 20 years. Even longer than that, though, I’ve been a writer. I started off writing poetry at the age of 12. Fast forward to today, 25 years later, and not only have I written a ton of poems, but I’ve self-published three books and have written several […]

Keep learning: 10 tips for maintaining your APR

What seemed like a short time after I earned my Accredited in Public Relations (APR) credential in June 2011, I received a letter from the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) informing me it was time to be re-accreditated. I just went through this process for the second time at the end of last year. The […]

C-A-T-S Cats Cats Cats: Why social media is empathic

“I would love your job – you get to play on Facebook all day.” At least once a week I hear some variation of that statement, and I always smile to myself. Not because it’s a frustrating statement to contradict, I smile because it confirms a long-standing theory: social media is inherently a selfish engine. […]

Say What?: How to create your messaging

Wise men speak because they have something to say; Fools because they have to say something.  -Plato Regardless if you have a new product, service or initiative, how you communicate it to your audience affects how they will perceive it. And, remember, perception is reality. Messaging is how you shape that reality.   What is […]

Meet Jane: What is a brand?

Is a brand a logo? A tagline? An icon? If you said yes, you’re correct – but you’re wrong. What makes up a brand? A logo, a tagline, an icon – these are all elements that make up a brand, yet, they aren’t the brand alone. Lamb, Hair and McDaniel’s MKTG have no fewer than […]

APR Update: PRSA releases steps to improve Accreditation in Public Relations

A mark of distinction. A notch above the rest. A standout in the crowd. These are all phrases used to describe those Accredited in Public Relations. For me personally, undergoing the APR process was the key to moving from a tactician to a strategist. Where is the APR at today? April is National APR Month, […]

Business Without Borders: A presentation on the global, social evolution of entrepreneurship

I’m done! I’m finished! That is, I just graduated with my Master’s of Communications Management from Syracuse University. After a challenging two-and-a-half years, I can finally claim my own little blue bag. How is entrepreneurship evolving? Before I could get to this point, though, I had to complete a final capstone. After several studies in […]

Globally & Locally: A global content marketing presentation

I recently finished Pam Didner’s Global Content Marketing, and I highly recommend this excellent step-by-step guide to creating your own global content marketing strategy. Didner provides clear instructions on how to accomplish this complex task using actual examples from many top corporations from around the world. With her experience and knowledge, this book is like […]

Happy Holidays from Aubia Communications

Where did 2014 go? When I look back on the year, I can’t believe how it’s flown by. I’m glad I was able to accomplish all my goals for the year, and I’m excited for the big changes coming in 2015, such as: -A new posting schedule; -A complete revamp for the Aubia Communications monthly […]

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