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Bookworm benefits: How reading makes you a better writer

  Hi. I’m Monica, and I’m a bookworm. On a train, on a plane, in a waiting room, in a line – wherever you might spot me, I’m typically glued to a book in actual form or on my tablet. Sometimes with highlighters marking away furiously, sometimes just kicked back for a leisure afternoon of [...]

Just blog it: A blog post checklist

I have a love-hate relationship with blogging. There are many times I dread the idea of sitting down to my laptop to bang out yet another post (sometimes facing the dismal thought that no one is going to read it). Other times, something creates an inspiration so intense that I just can’t wait to open [...]

Call for independence: What the forefathers taught us about writing inspiring content

In July, the Aubia Communications Blog focuses on writing. In this first post, I celebrate the U.S.’ birthday by looking at the core documents that created our country. Then I provide you with a checklist and other resources for press release and blog writing. I wrap up the month with a post on how reading [...]

Think before you throw: Perfecting the media pitch

Before landing a job with Army Public Affairs, I worked as a reporter and business editor in the Kansas City area, and every day I was overwhelmed with pitches from public relations professionals. With looming deadlines, the daunting requirement of writing several stories each week and the constant need to fill page upon page with [...]

Learning from masterminds: Celebrating Aubia Communications’ 2-Year Anniversary

Did you know in Switzerland it’s typical for the birthday guy or gal to provide the party for their work colleagues or friends? That’s right, if you’re celebrating a birthday or anniversary, you provide the cake, drinks or other goodies. Since I’ve just moved back to Switzerland, I want to follow this custom for Aubia [...]

Think like a reporter: How media relations is changing

Technology, short attention spans and an ever-hungry audience have rapidly changed the practice of media relations. The new news release is all about how you can optimize it for an online presence. Breaking news comes more often from Twitter than live press coverage. Though newsrooms are smaller now, the news cycle never stops. How do [...]

8 traits of a great spokesperson

Throughout June, I’m writing about media relations. To start, I provide this post on finding the right spokesperson, followed by an interview with two reporters on how the media industry is changing, and finishing with a post on what I’ve learned in two years of running Aubia Communications. I’ve media trained hundreds, if not thousands, [...]

Donate, Click, Call: Persuade people to act now

One of the most rewarding parts of my job as a nonprofit communicator has been getting to know many thoughtful, gracious and kind people who are eager to get involved with charitable organizations. People want to help. You can help them help your organization by creating calls to action that make it easy for supporters [...]

10 rules for effectively managing a social media crisis

From small brands removing negative comments to large companies mistakenly posting inappropriate material, the social media crisis has come of age in our digital world. As we have become more dependent than ever on social media platforms to reach our many and diverse publics, we all, no matter how small or large your organization, run [...]

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