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Let’s get visual: An infographic about visual content in social media

In September the Spin Sucks blog had a month-long focus on visual content. Everything from using visual content in social media to free tools for creating it was covered. I, of course, drank it up. You see, I’m graphically challenged. I enjoy learning about photography on an amateur basis, but when it comes to design, […]

In it to Like/Pin/Tweet it: How to run a social media campaign

Social media campaigns are proving to be valuable investments for many solid business strategies. So strong are these campaigns, many leading businesses are forgoing the traditional routes of product launches and concentrating solely on their social media efforts. From advocacy issues to event promotion, social media campaigns are the new norm. How to run your […]

Finding your way: Where to be in the social media world

In 1492 when Christopher Columbus sailed the ocean blue, the Internet wasn’t even a word, but solopreneurs and small business owners can feel like they are on a journey discovering the New World when it comes to the vast realm of social media today. Like the many islands Columbus first landed on, there are various […]

5 steps to get started in social media for business

As one of my services is social media strategy and management, I recently advised a client looking to align her use of social media platforms to her business objectives. My client had been involved in blogging and Facebook for some time, but she just needed some guidance on how to create space for her and […]

Social media is way of life: Why you should be involved

In December, the Aubia Communications Blog will focus on social media. I’m re-using a commentary I wrote three years ago for The Peninsula Warrior to kick things off. I’ll then follow up with posts about getting started in social media for business and taking an extensive look at different platforms. What do you think about social media […]

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