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The need for employee multicultural communications programs in multinational companies

With the pending completion of my master’s program early next year, I’m sharing my studies and capstone focus in multicultural communications throughout November. I start with this post drawn from my research paper on employee multicultural communications programs and follow it up with a focus group report on the subject.. Expatriates working internationally for a […]

Going global: Social media in other countries

“With its distinctive and unique nature, new media has brought human interaction and society to a highly interconnected and complex level.” According to communications researcher Guo-Ming Chen, the advent of social media has shrunk time and space bringing together societies that were previously separated. With the power of social media driving this age of globalization, […]

What The Golden Girls taught me about storytelling

Growing up, my mom, sister and I looked forward to every Saturday evening for a new episode of the iconic show The Golden Girls. With our big bowl of popcorn, we would settle in to forget about everything else for 30 minutes as Blanche, Dorothy, Rose and Sophia gave us belly-deep laughs. The way the […]

The power of the social media revolution

In October, the Aubia Communications Blog will focus on social media. I start with this post about the power and reach of social media, followed by the importance of creating a social media strategy, and finishing up with a post on running a social media campaign.  In the spring of 2011, social media made its […]

3 PR lessons I’ve learned from travel

Hi. I’m Monica, and I’m a traveler. I’m addicted to traveling. There is a high you get from planning a trip to getting in the plane/train/ship/car to arriving and experiencing all travel has to offer. I’ve visited more than a dozen countries and lived on three continents with an upcoming move to a fourth. With […]

Relações Públicas: Public Relations in Brazil

Living in São Paulo, Brazil for the past four months and a scheduled move to Zürich, Switzerland in early 2013 with many other international travels have developed my interest in how Public Relations is practiced globally. As globalization continues to bring different cultures closer, Public Relations practitioners are learning to work across borders to best […]

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