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photo credit: Amanda M Hatfield via photopin cc

photo credit: Amanda M Hatfield via photopin cc

Strategic Communications Planning

As an Accredited in Public Relations professional, I use a four-phase concept of research, planning, implementation and evaluation to develop strategic communications frameworks around any issue, event, program or campaign a company is handling. From the the roll out of a new health initiative to the launch of an educational consultancy, my strategic communications plans have increased awareness and secured advocates among a wide variety of audiences. 

For a sample plan, click here. Other key communications planning highlights:

• Developed strategic communications plans to include research, planning, implementation and evaluation that led to increased awareness and support of several initiatives
• Provided start-up communications planning for expat entrepreneurs, such as a wellbeing consultancy in Brazil and a co-working space in China
• Crafted social media plans for bringing entrepreneurs online and giving them a cohesive presence
• Created crisis communications plans to effectively handle emergency events, such as aircraft crashes and chemical spills
• Performed key roles in re-branding two Army posts as Joint Bases under the U.S. Air Force and Navy
• Researched opportunities, wrote speeches and directed special events for community outreach programs
• Organized and recorded public meetings, raising awareness of U.S. Army Corps of Engineers projects among approximately 2,000 Ohio River residents
• Completed a rotational program in the Office of the Chief of Public Affairs, Department of the Army Headquarters in the Pentagon, coordinating Army Field Band and
Golden Knights performances and conducting research for military plans


photo credit: US Mission Geneva via photopin cc

photo credit: US Mission Geneva via photopin cc

Media Relations and Training

Developing relationships with journalists from all over the world, I’m an experienced spokesperson with a keen understanding of how to work with media in crisis and other
public relations activities. I’ve been quoted in local and international publications, such as the Daily Press, Military Times and CareerBuilder and have contributed to professional publications, like Public Works Digest. I also provide  expert training in how to interact with a variety of media members and conduct a press conferences.

See samples in key message development statement creation, media pitches, press releases and contributor writing. Further media relations accomplishments:

• Trained more than 500 service members and other subject matter experts per year in media relations, resulting in monthly coverage in local and national outlets
• Established and maintained effective working relationships with representatives of print, broadcast and online media
• Acted as lead spokesperson for local, national and international media queries, producing press releases, media pitches and talking points, responding to more than 50
requests per year
• Conducted several local and national interviews during crisis communications events, such as equipment accidents, deaths of service members overseas, bomb scares and humanitarian missions resulting from natural disasters
• Created specialized media lists and editorial schedules for niche outlets, such as horticulture, home décor and design


photo credit: APM Alex via photopin cc

photo credit: APM Alex via photopin cc

Content Marketing

Is content king or is it your delivery? Overseeing the production of an internal communications program and then conducting content marketing strategies for independent contractors, I’ve learned it’s a combination of both. Content has to be unique, valuable and targeted to accomplish business objectives. From my own blog to hosting social media campaigns, content marketing is the way to establish credibility, gain recognition and become a trusted resource for your audience.

For a writing sample, click here. Key tasks in content marketing include:

• Developed and edited website and other media content, such as blogs, white papers and photos
• Created the initial social media program and policy for a military installation, including daily monitoring and updating of several accounts, leading to the No.1 information source for crisis communications among the community
• Crafted online content marketing strategies to increase the awareness of start-ups, such as an educational consultancy
• Worked on several agency account teams to create marketing materials for various clients in diverse industries, such as real estate, logistics and disaster restoration
• Served as the editor of an online internal newsletter for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Louisville District that reached approximately 1,400 employees
• Prepared feature articles for earned and owned media outlets, such as a profile on the first wounded service member to represent the military installation in the U.S.
Paralympic Wounded Warrior Games

photo credit: ocd007 via photopin cc

photo credit: ocd007 via photopin cc

Management Experience

To lead, you must first be willing to do. Leadership is about setting the example for your organization and learning from others. As a former public affairs officer, I’ve had the privilege of mentoring and working with talented and dedicated communications professionals who taught me just as much as I taught them. I strive to develop and nurture teams of professionals capable and willing to push limits and discover creative solutions.

Leadership achievements:

• Served as the public affairs officer in long-term transitional period, supervising and advising 30-35 civilian and military public affairs professionals in two
geographically- and culturally-separated offices that produced internal and external information programs for more than 20,000 employees and 30 military units
• Created an office operating budget for the fiscal year that created year-end cost savings for the organization
• Acted as the sole public affairs advisor to more than 15 commanders, counseling leaders on community, media, employee and other stakeholder relations
• Directed the functions of editors, photographers and journalists to produce the award-winning, weekly, installation metro and online newspaper
• Managed career development plans and evaluations for employees, securing numerous awards for exemplary performance and creating improvement programs for employees’ weaker areas
• Instituted new delivery and communications methods, increasing productivity among three product lines
• Developed new business ventures, including financial and contractual agreements


See my complete European CV here and my U.S. resume here.

Public Relations Consulting

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