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Cirihal Consulting endorsementI was hesitant to hire someone to help me improve my online presence because I wasn’t sure that they would really get ME and my purpose (to coach people to find and live their truth).  I didn’t know Monica well, so it felt like a risk for me to ask for her help.   I was completely blown away by her knowledge of the various ways I can engage more effectively with my clients. I was even more impressed by how she knew HOW these tools fit MY purpose and ME.  After reviewing my current online presence, she delivered to me a concise, focused, and actionable plan of both strategies and tactics that I began using immediately.  I am SO excited about the possibilities these changes will bring in allowing me to serve my tribe more elegantly!
Stephanie Cirihal
Cirihal Consulting

Aubia Communications EndorsementsMonica helped our co-working space with strategy and communication.  A natural connector, she introduced us to ideas and individuals that helped our project.  What I was impressed by was that after our discussions, Monica always followed up promptly with emails and action so initiatives moved forward quickly.  Even though she is very professional and efficient, Monica exudes warmth and charm and is very approachable.  Needless to say, It was an absolute pleasure working with Monica and Aubia Communications.
Barry N. Lee
Community Advocate


The vision that Monica Miller Rodgers brought to our work at STS was relevant and all-encompassing.  With the communications plan she presented, Miller Rodgers displayed comprehensive research about our field and our competitors.  I believe her consideration of detail, coupled with her expertise, assisted our company in its decision-making.  I enthusiastically recommend her to others.
Sue A. Davis
Davis – Wall Educational Consultants,



Remo SchlaepferFrau Monica Miller Rodgers hat im Rahmen ihrer Diplomarbeit an der Syracuse University ein Krisenkommunikationskonzept für die Stiftung Kinderdorf Pestalozzi verfasst.
Sie hat sich innerhalb kürzester Zeit Einblick in unsere komplexe Organisationsstruktur verschaffen und die spezifischen Gegebenheiten der Stiftung in das Konzept einfliessen lassen. Das nun vorliegende Krisenkommunikationskonzept dient uns als sehr wertvolle Vorlage für die Ausarbeitung einer kohärenten Krisenkommunikationsstrategie.
Wir erlebten die Zusammenarbeit mit Frau Miller Rodgers als sehr professionell und ergebnisorientiert. Für die stets sehr angenehme Zusammenarbeit mit Frau Miller Rodgers möchten  wir uns bestens bedanken.
Remo Schläpfer
Verantwortlicher Medien & Kampagnen
Stiftung Kinderdorf Pestalozzi

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