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Say What?: How to create your messaging

Wise men speak because they have something to say; Fools because they have to say something.  -Plato Regardless if you have a new product, service or initiative, how you communicate it to your audience affects how they will perceive it. And, remember, perception is reality. Messaging is how you shape that reality.   What is […]

Globally & Locally: A global content marketing presentation

I recently finished Pam Didner’s Global Content Marketing, and I highly recommend this excellent step-by-step guide to creating your own global content marketing strategy. Didner provides clear instructions on how to accomplish this complex task using actual examples from many top corporations from around the world. With her experience and knowledge, this book is like […]

PR vs. Marketing: The differences between a strategic communications and marketing plan

Working in public relations for almost nine years now, I always thought I understood marketing. Two of my college roommates were marketing majors, so we discussed similarities in our classes quite a bit. I worked hand-in-hand with marketing departments in previous positions. When I took my Accredited in Public Relations exam, I had to be […]

Stay on track: How to create an editorial calendar

My first encounter with editorial calendars was when I was an intern at Edelman. My job was to compile and categorize the editorial calendars for each possible publication the account team could pitch a client to for coverage. The editorial calendar for a monthly magazine like Where was found in the media kit and had […]

Nice to meet you: How to create an audience profile

Much like the Cheshire Cat told Alice in Lewis Carroll’s classic, if you don’t know where you want to go then it doesn’t matter which way you go, if you don’t know who you are targeting then it doesn’t matter what content you produce. Content developed with no strategy and no target audience in mind […]

Directing the king: How to develop a content strategy

In August, the Aubia Communications Blog will focus on strategic communications, in particular content strategy. I start with this post about how to develop a content strategy for your business, followed by posts on how to create audience profiles and editorial calendars, and I end the month with a look at the differences between a […]

Learning from masterminds: Celebrating Aubia Communications’ 2-Year Anniversary

Did you know in Switzerland it’s typical for the birthday guy or gal to provide the party for their work colleagues or friends? That’s right, if you’re celebrating a birthday or anniversary, you provide the cake, drinks or other goodies. Since I’ve just moved back to Switzerland, I want to follow this custom for Aubia […]

Review of “Focus Groups: A Practical Guide for Applied Research”

This post is a paper I wrote for my Public Relations and Public Opinion Research course at Syracuse University in the spring of 2013. This research method critique reviews Richard A. Krueger and Mary Anne Casey’s textbook “Focus Groups: A Practical Guide for Applied Research” 4th Edition published by Sage Publications. For September, the Aubia Communications […]

Weigh it Out: Evaluation in Public Relations

The final step in the four-step Strategic Communications process is evaluating what you’ve implemented. In this stage, you will measure your results against your objectives to determine if your work has paid off. You can go on to use this assessment as research for improvements and adjustments in the next phase of the plan. Why […]

Work it Out: Implementation in Public Relations

The third step in the four-step Strategic Communications process is implementing what you’ve planned. This is where the rubber meets the road, and you see all your hard work come to fruition. Plan your Work, Work your Plan In the implementation phase, you execute your strategies through your chosen tactics. Pay attention to your key […]

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