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C-A-T-S Cats Cats Cats: Why social media is empathic

“I would love your job – you get to play on Facebook all day.” At least once a week I hear some variation of that statement, and I always smile to myself. Not because it’s a frustrating statement to contradict, I smile because it confirms a long-standing theory: social media is inherently a selfish engine. […]

Business Without Borders: A presentation on the global, social evolution of entrepreneurship

I’m done! I’m finished! That is, I just graduated with my Master’s of Communications Management from Syracuse University. After a challenging two-and-a-half years, I can finally claim my own little blue bag. How is entrepreneurship evolving? Before I could get to this point, though, I had to complete a final capstone. After several studies in […]

Going global: Social media in other countries

“With its distinctive and unique nature, new media has brought human interaction and society to a highly interconnected and complex level.” According to communications researcher Guo-Ming Chen, the advent of social media has shrunk time and space bringing together societies that were previously separated. With the power of social media driving this age of globalization, […]

Let’s get visual: An infographic about visual content in social media

In September the Spin Sucks blog had a month-long focus on visual content. Everything from using visual content in social media to free tools for creating it was covered. I, of course, drank it up. You see, I’m graphically challenged. I enjoy learning about photography on an amateur basis, but when it comes to design, […]

To catch a thief: The pros and cons of guest blogging

Dear Aubia Communications, I want to write a post for you I know will bring you thousands of new visits. Yadda, yadda, yadda … Hi, I am a writer, and I was wondering if you are taking guest submissions? I find the interesting, and I can write something for your niche. Blah, blah, blah […]

Engagement is an honor: How I’m overcoming my fear of commenting

Throughout October, the Aubia Communications Blog will focus on the social aspect of social media. To kick it off, this first post looks at the benefits of commenting throughout the blogosphere. I then turn to other bloggers about the benefits and pitfalls of hosting guest bloggers, followed by a post on how to be more […]

What Zumba teaches me about social media

If you’ve ever attended a Zumba class, you know the energy can be off the charts. With the instructor busting out moves to the high-thumping beats, throwing in a few yells and shouts of encouragement, as the participants pump along, you can feel the vibe in the air. I’ve been active in Zumba since 2010, […]

In it to Like/Pin/Tweet it: How to run a social media campaign

Social media campaigns are proving to be valuable investments for many solid business strategies. So strong are these campaigns, many leading businesses are forgoing the traditional routes of product launches and concentrating solely on their social media efforts. From advocacy issues to event promotion, social media campaigns are the new norm. How to run your […]

Random posts to strategic updates: How to develop a social media strategy

In 2008, I was actively using Facebook, letting MySpace die a slow death, thinking how completely useless my Twitter account was (got that one all wrong), and polishing my LinkedIn profile. I was am a self-proclaimed social media junkie that was just beginning to hear about all the business accounts showing up on social media […]

The power of the social media revolution

In October, the Aubia Communications Blog will focus on social media. I start with this post about the power and reach of social media, followed by the importance of creating a social media strategy, and finishing up with a post on running a social media campaign.  In the spring of 2011, social media made its […]

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