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Learning from masterminds: Celebrating Aubia Communications’ 2-Year Anniversary

Did you know in Switzerland it’s typical for the birthday guy or gal to provide the party for their work colleagues or friends? That’s right, if you’re celebrating a birthday or anniversary, you provide the cake, drinks or other goodies. Since I’ve just moved back to Switzerland, I want to follow this custom for Aubia […]

Pursuing opportunities: Interview with professional development expert

Professional development is important for many reasons, and as we discuss this career need throughout the month I had a chance to talk with Vincent Rhodes, co-chair of the Professional Development Committee for the Hampton Roads Public Relations Society of America. He provided some great information for public relations professionals seeking to enhance their careers […]

Making the grade: The most beneficial college courses for public relations

When I entered college, I was luckier than most. I already knew what career I wanted, and I set myself on a path to earn the degree I needed. I never was “undeclared” or struggled to find what interested me. From my bachelor’s degree to now pursuing my master’s degree, I unwaveringly knew I would […]

Changes in APR: How the credential is being revamped

Earlier this year, I presented a workshop on obtaining the Accredited in Public Relations credential to potential candidates sponsored by the Hampton Roads Chapter of the the Public Relations Society of America Professional Development Committee. Earning my APR in 2011, this is a topic I’m passionate about for many reasons. So, when it came time […]

Making the move: How a Marine made the military to civilian transition in public affairs

So, it happens to all of us who serve in the armed forces: we eventually leave the service (surprise!) to make the military to civilian transition. Of course, some have an easier time transitioning out of uniform and finding meaningful employment or (even better) achieving personal and professional goals within an industry of our choosing. […]

Complex Learning: A review of “The Logic of Failure” by Dietrich Dörner

This post is a paper I wrote for my Public Relations Measurement & Evaluation course at Syracuse University in the summer of 2013. This book review is of Dietrich Dörner’s “The Logic of Failure” published by Metropolitan Books . During an airboat ride through the swamps of Louisiana, our tour guide told the ill-fated tale of the nutrias while pointing out […]

Professional development on a dime

Everyone says you need it. You’re expected to do it regularly to stay on top of your, like everything else these days, ever-evolving career field. It can be to benefit the industry; it can be to better yourself; or it can be a combination of both. What is it? I’m talking about the concept of […]

Relações Públicas: Public Relations in Brazil

Living in São Paulo, Brazil for the past four months and a scheduled move to Zürich, Switzerland in early 2013 with many other international travels have developed my interest in how Public Relations is practiced globally. As globalization continues to bring different cultures closer, Public Relations practitioners are learning to work across borders to best […]

Taking the next step: How graduate studies are a win-win-win

This week I started my first graduate classes toward a Master of Science in Communications Management at Syracuse University in New York. Any graduate program can be an intimidating journey, but the payoff for the practitioner, client and profession is a win-win-win. Investing in professional development During introductions of my class, the students were asked […]

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