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Say What?: How to create your messaging

Wise men speak because they have something to say; Fools because they have to say something.  -Plato Regardless if you have a new product, service or initiative, how you communicate it to your audience affects how they will perceive it. And, remember, perception is reality. Messaging is how you shape that reality.   What is […]

Think before you throw: Perfecting the media pitch

Before landing a job with Army Public Affairs, I worked as a reporter and business editor in the Kansas City area, and every day I was overwhelmed with pitches from public relations professionals. With looming deadlines, the daunting requirement of writing several stories each week and the constant need to fill page upon page with […]

Think like a reporter: How media relations is changing

Technology, short attention spans and an ever-hungry audience have rapidly changed the practice of media relations. The new news release is all about how you can optimize it for an online presence. Breaking news comes more often from Twitter than live press coverage. Though newsrooms are smaller now, the news cycle never stops. How do […]

8 traits of a great spokesperson

Throughout June, I’m writing about media relations. To start, I provide this post on finding the right spokesperson, followed by an interview with two reporters on how the media industry is changing, and finishing with a post on what I’ve learned in two years of running Aubia Communications. I’ve media trained hundreds, if not thousands, […]

What my favorite fantasy characters have taught me about media relations

I’m a huge fan of anything fantasy. From movies to books, the more unrealistic it is, the better. Imagination knows no boundaries, and I love the creativity that can flow in storytelling when all rational restraints are removed. Through my years of escaping reality to other worlds where make-believe creatures roam, I’ve drawn parallels to […]

5 reporter tricks of the trade to know, prepare for

Whenever I give a media training, I always ask how the clients feel about the media, particularly how many feel the media is the enemy. I listen to horror stories of being misquoted; cutting clips to make the spokesperson appear to have said something out of context; and revealing information from an off-the-record conversation. These […]

Competing agendas: What you don’t owe the media

In April, the Aubia Communications blog will concentrate on media relations. I start with what you don’t owe the media, followed by reporter tricks of the trade to be aware of, and finish with a fun post on what fantasy characters have taught me about media relations. I’ve said many times that interacting with media […]

How to host media training like a champion

For an organization to win at its business strategies, media relations must be part of the game. Like any athlete, practice prepares clients for the interview. As the coach, Public Relations professionals need to deliver a thorough practice for the best results possible.  Providing a successful media training session can be a challenge, but with […]

5+ tips for writing a press release today

In November, the Aubia Communications Blog will focus on writing. I’ll start with tips for writing a press release in today’s digital world, then writing for a blog, and end with feature writing. There has been a lot of discussion in the industry lately about the value of press releases. Some say the press release […]

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